Feds Want Inventory Of Free Military Equipment Given To Police

July 18, 2012

photo: Dennis Wagner/The Arizona Republic 

But the police may not have any records! That’s so scary, it’s funny!

Actually, according to reports done by California Watch, Associated Press (AP), and The Arizona Republic, the police didn’t keep most of the “… millions of dollars worth of Humvees, barber chairs, fire trucks, guns, thermal-imaging scopes and more.” They sold them at auction to make up for budget shortfalls.

The Federal program to give police departments surplus military weapons was started in the 1990s to help police with the war on drugs. But now that those weapons were possibly sold off (to drug dealers, perhaps?), the Federal government is suspending giving “surplus Defense Department weapons” until police departments can prove they’ve adequately kept track of it all. San Joaquin county got a tank! Sacramento county got 34 M16s!

According to this report, 800 police departments nationwide got military weapons and other equipment.

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You can see what the military gave California police departments with a simple search, here.