Why Am I Here?

I began reading 5 newspapers and writing summaries for my employer in December 2006. All I focus on are stories that have some kind of global implication or impact (although other stories grab my attention, foriegn policy is what I summarize). So I read about wars and other mayhem, globalization, energy policy and the environment, immigration… you get the picture. And anything to do with India and China–after all those two countries account for roughly 2/3 of the world population so we have to pay attention.

All this cross-referencing has led to my noticing some startling patterns within these papers, their coverage, and the administration’s true feelings about the rest of us. So, I wanted to share these “insights” with family and friends, and get a few things off my chest. Welcome.

(BTW, I read the Wednesday and Sunday papers. If you check back those days there is sure to be a new post.)

America is a quarter of a billion people totally misinformed and
disinformed by their government. This is tragic but our media is – I
wouldn’t even say corrupt – it’s just beyond telling us anything that the
government doesn’t want us to know.
Gore Vidal


4 Responses to Why Am I Here?

  1. Rob Kendt says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Tamadhur! I look forward to more.

  2. lindac says:

    thanks – it’s good to know i have a watchdog out there that i can trust!

  3. SMHelen says:

    Thank you for doing this. Do you read the Angry Arab News Service Blog?

  4. Intlxpatr says:

    Ansam told me I needed to read your blog – WOW. She was right. I am a cover-to-cover paper reader – they hide the most amazing news in the most obscure places, and sometimes there are things you read and NEVER find another mention. I am delighted to find another news-reader. I look forward to reading your blog often!

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