NSA: “Our Criminal Behavior Is A Small Percentage Of What We Do”


graph by The Washington Post


The NSA is floundering as they try to explain an internal audit that was leaked to The Washington Post (by Edward Snowden) revealing that they broke even the broadened privacy laws they were granted by Congress in 2008.

Here is what a senior NSA official told The Washington Post: “You can look at it as a percentage of our total activity that occurs each day,” he said. “You look at a number in absolute terms that looks big, and when you look at it in relative terms, it looks a little different.”

According to the audit, the NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times a year, then faked their reports to Congress.

Some anonymous Obama Administration officials say the NSA didn’t lie to the public last year when the director said the NSA didn’t collect the data of Americans, because: “the agency’s internal definition of ‘data’ does not cover ‘metadata’ such as the trillions of American call records that the NSA is now known to have collected and stored since 2006.”

Not so, The Washington Post Points out. The NSA definition of “data,” is “raw SIGINT data… [which] includes, but is not limited to, unevaluated and/or unminimized transcripts, gists, facsimiles, telex, voice, and some forms of computer-generated data, such as call event records and other Digital Network Intelligence (DNI) metadata as well as DNI message text.”

The Washington Post provides the full NSA audit here.

Meanwhile, Edward Snowden is hiding in Russia with temporary asylum. The US wants to prosecute him for espionage. How about prosecuting the NSA instead?


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