The Hell Of A Repressive Government: Edward Snowden Flees Hong Kong, Michael Hastings’s Car Explodes


Edward Snowden, who leaked documents  showing the US government is indiscriminately spying on millions of Americans through their phone records, emails, and other methods, has escaped from Hong Kong and is now believed to be in Moscow.

According to ABC News, cars with the Ecuadoran flag were there to greet Snowden’s plane, but the Ecuadoran diplomat had no comment.

Ecuador offered WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asylum, but for the past year Assange has been stuck in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.

Authorities in Moscow say that Snowden will not leave the customs area, so does not need a passport or visa. Nor will Moscow stop him if he tries to leave. (The State Department revoked Snowden’s passport on Saturday – from a distance.)

The media, in their same old slimy way, is not questioning whether or not the government should have the authority to arrest anyone who exposes government wrongdoing. Instead, they are wondering why the journalist who broke the story, Glenn Greenwald, isn’t being arrestedSeriously?

Buzz Feed’s Ben Smith said it best: “Snowden’s flight and its surrounding geopolitics are a good story; what he made public is a better one.”

As most media wonders which journalists deserve imprisonment, they have the nerve to criticize other countries’ lack of  freedom of the press.


Michael Hastings, RIP


Most famous for his Rolling Stone article  that got a general recalled from Afghanistan, Michael Hastings died last week when his car blew up at 4:30 am in Los Angeles.

He was working on a story about the FBI. Hours before he died, Hastings sent an email to friends that read, in part, that if the FBI came knocking on their door to get a lawyer. Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs, with whom Hastings was embedded in Afghanistan in 2008, said he was very disturbed by the panicked tone of the email, and that it didn’t sound typical of his friend. The full email is here. The crash is still under investigation.


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