Free Energy For Everyone


Need a little? Sorry, this is not a promo for free Red Bull at 7-Eleven. The energy in question is electricity.

MIT grad, Ben Glass, invented a wind turbine that doesn’t require a tower.

High up in the air (the prototype was tested at 350 feet), the balloon-type structure is filled with helium, with a conventional wind turbine at its center. It delivers electricity through the tethers that secure it to the ground.

The idea is that the remotest areas off the grid can have electricity, and cost 65% less than conventional power. The goal is to fly the turbines at 1,000 feet, where the wind is constant, and 5 times stronger than wind on the ground.

The entire apparatus can be carried on the back of a large truck.

It’s called the Altaeros Wind Turbine (AWT). Altaeros Energies is based in Boston, Massachusetts.








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