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Under the Mountain Bunker

Having to rely on the GOP to run our government is like having to use that dating site* for tragically desperate, lonely people.

Steve Benen laments the fact that there will be some “relief” felt over the Tea-led Congress managing to avert yet another one of its self-manufactured government shutdown crises:

For one thing, there’s a debt-ceiling crisis on the horizon, which is not only likely to be ugly, but also poses a far more significant risk.

For another, I continue to think it’s a shame that the political world considers it some kind of success story when government shutdowns are avoided.

Our expectations have been lowered to tragic depths. In April 2011, Republicans threatened a government shutdown, which was narrowly averted. In September 2011, they threatened another. In April 2012, they threatened another. In early 2013, they threatened yet another.

In each instance, we’re all…

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