Bradley Manning: His Own Voice, His Own Words

bradley-manningSilenced all these years by solitary confinement and secrecy surrounding his preliminary hearing that began in December, Bradley Manning – the Army private who has admitted to leaking hundreds of thousands of documents to Wikileaks, but has pleaded not guilty to “aiding the enemy” – can now be heard.

Someone gave the Freedom of the Press Foundation a covert recording of court proceedings made on February 28th, the day Manning read a 35-page statement to the court explaining why he made classified documents public.

He describes how he felt when he first saw the military video of Americans in a helicopter shooting at unarmed civilians and journalists in Iraq as if they were picking off moving pixels in a video game.

The clip below is Manning’s words in court heard over the army video – which changed him forever. The video revealed what really happened to those Reuters journalists killed by American military men, who then lied about it… until the video came out. They are the guilty ones.

Below the video, is the recording of Bradley Manning’s full statement to the court.

Freedom of the Press Foundation says: “We hope this recording will shed light on one of the most secret court trials in recent history, in which the government is putting on trial a concerned government employee whose only stated goal was to bring attention to what he viewed as serious governmental misconduct and criminal activity.”


If the audio arrow above won’t play, you can go here and listen right from the Freedom of the Press Foundation web site.  The same web site has the written transcripts.

Washington Post Reporter David Finkel Is A Lying Bastard

Manning: “In Mr. Finkel’s book, he writes about the aerial weapons team attack. As I read an online excerpt in Google Books, I followed Mr. Finkel’s account of the event belonging to the video. I quickly realize that Mr. Finkel was quoting, I feel in verbatim, the audio communications of the aerial weapons team crew.

“It is clear to me that Mr. Finkel obtained access and a copy of the video during his tenure as an embedded journalist. I was aghast at Mr. Finkel’s portrayal of the incident. Reading his account, one would believe the engagement was somehow justified as “payback” for an earlier attack that lead to the death of a soldier.”

How can we “payback” David Finkel, who betrayed the public trust as a journalist, for publishing a cover-up as a true account of events? Finkel is an accessory to a crime. Ironically, in October he was recognized by the MacArthur Foundation as a “genius” for his book “The Good Soldiers,” the book that Manning is talking about.

Genius_Grants_04318David Finkel at work… hopefully on fiction, his true calling.


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