Rambo the Gingerbread Man

Atari 2600 Gingerbread Man


The Gingerbread Man, that disobedient, back-talking, confection, is out for blood – yours! And, why not? A trend in Hollywood these days is taking happily-ever-after fairy tales and turning them into turbo-charged revenge flicks.

Snow White doesn’t beg for her life, then run away to live with the dwarves. She trains with the huntsman to wage war against the evil queen.

Hansel and Gretel grow up to be bounty hunters, tracking and killing witches “all over the world.”

Jack doesn’t just steal the goose who lays the golden egg and live happily, and wealthily, ever after. Instead, he’s a “giant slayer” in a war between the human world and the giant world.

So, in my imagined movie, “Rambo the Gingerbread Man,” loosely based on the old Atari video game, Rambo must escape from the oven, then hunt down and kill all the people in the house who tried to make him into dessert. Rah, rah!

What’s your fairy tale revenge fantasy?


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