The Fiscal Cliff Is A Hoax



poster art by: Art Hazelwood

A day of action by ArtStrike on December 19, produced lots of art, and reached 11 million people — including making it on to!

The premise of ArtStrike, from their web page: “Our country isn’t broke – It’s being robbed. Stand up against cuts to vital programs and demand the wealthy pay their fair share.

“You’ve probably heard about the political game called “The Fiscal Cliff.” But, it’s actually a Fiscal Bluff — a self inflicted crisis designed to create urgency to make us believe our nation is broke and that we must cut vital programs. This is false and we won’t stand for it.”

It’s time for the “news” organizations to call this “crisis” what it really is — silliness created by Congress that has nothing to do with GDP. The real calamity is that Congress will pass a budget based on this hoax that will hurt the rest of us, and claim that they had no choice.



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