Roger Ailes Says What He Does Is Called Journalism

The CEO of Fox News recently renewed his contract to stay on as head of the conservative propaganda machine another four years.

Ailes said he, and his organization, are the only true journalists, and the others are just sycophants of the Obama Administration. By way of illustration, Ailes described  a White House Correspondents’ Dinner and told TV Newser:

“When I saw the President say, ‘I know you all voted for me,’ and a thousand people stood up and cheered and applauded and then when the applause died down, he said, ‘Oh probably except you guys at the Fox table.’ I thought, ‘Am I the only guy in this room doing his job?’ They set up Freedom of the Press. The press is supposed to watch the powerful. And not throw in with them. And when I watched a thousand people stand and cheer and applaud I thought, ‘Uh oh. Somebody better do this job.’”

The problem with Ailes’s anecdote is that that’s not what happened. Here’s the video of the occasion Ailes described:

See? No one stood up and cheered. President Obama was making a joke. He also joked about his wife Michelle’s “right to bare arms” (the dinner is traditionally a light-hearted affair).

Maybe Roger Ailes isn’t a liar, but is completely delusional? He was there. He doesn’t remember what actually happened. He based his argument on a fantasy. Just as all of Fox News bases their version of the news on their CEO’s fantasy.

Fox News Ignores Facts on Hostess Bankruptcy To Further Ailes’s Anti-Union Agenda

The “Fair and Balanced” Network’s latest bs is to totally ignore the well documented history of the slow demise of the Hostess company and blame the troubles on the members of the Bakers’ Union.

Media Matters quotes the Fox program, “America’s Newsroom:” to illustrate the Fox spin:

Co-host Martha MacCallum introduced a segment on the Hostess bankruptcy by saying the company is “blaming a workers’ strike for crippling their ability to make and deliver their products.” At the end of the report, co-host Bill Hemmer blamed the coming job losses at the company on “a labor dispute,” suggesting that the union had put “18,000 jobs on the line.” MacCallum said the employees were “paying dues to the union and then the union won’t make a deal.” [Fox News, America‘s Newsroom, 11/16/12]

Media Matters dot org has documented the true unfolding of events to counter the Fox News lies. Here’s a small sampling:

Reuters: Hostess Filed For Its First Bankruptcy In 2004. In March, Reuters reported that Hostess “filed for its first bankruptcy in 2004, citing declining sales, high food costs, excess capacity and worker benefit expenses.” [Reuters, 3/6/12]

Forbes: The Company Exited Bankruptcy In 2009. In July, Forbes reported that “Hostess was able to exit bankruptcy in 2009” because of an “equity infusion of $130 million” from a private equity firm, as well as “substantial concessions by the two big unions” and lenders that “agreed to say in the game rather than drive Hostess into liquidation.” [Forbes, 7/26/12]

Huffington Post: Hostess Re-Entered Bankruptcy In 2012. In January, The Huffington Post reported that “Hostess Brands is hoping to cut its high costs as it heads back into bankruptcy protection for the second time in less than a decade.” [The Huffington Post, 1/11/12]

Reuters: Hostess “Spent More Than $170 Million On Professional Fees” In Its First Bankruptcy. Reuters further reported that in its first bankruptcy, Hostess spent more than $170 million on professional fees.

Each time a company goes bankrupt, it must pay for lawyers and advisers not only for itself, but for its major creditors. In its first bankruptcy, Hostess spent more than $170 million on professional fees, based on its monthly operating reports. [Reuters, 3/6/12]

Check out the entire time line here

Hostess also upped their executives’ pay by millions of dollars during their “restructuring.” But hey, don’t blame the millionaires for sucking the company dry.

photo: Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch, with Fox CEO Roger Ailes

Together at last

Together forever

We’re tying a knot

They never can sever.

We don’t need sunshine now

To turn our skies to blue.

I don’t need anything but you.

–From the musical “Annie” – revived on Broadway, playing now.


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