An Evening of Political Discourse with Frank Rich and Fran Lebowitz

Two New Yorkers came to LA Monday night to wax political at USC’s Bovard Auditorium. “A State of the Union Conversation” with Frank Rich and Fran Lebowitz brought a lot of laughs and applause, which can happen in a large gathering of like-minded people hearing two very skilled speakers poke fun at Mitt Romney.

Frank Rich currently writes for New York Magazine, and was for many years an Op-Ed writer for the New York Times.

Fran Lebowitz has written for a gazillion publications on topics ranging from politics to pop culture.

During the Q&A, they were addressed by an actual undecided voter from Ohio – a USC student who will vote absentee in his home state.

The student’s conundrum, as he put it, was to weigh each man’s character and qualifications for the job, without being influenced by his parents.

First, Lebowitz offered to just tell the young man who to vote for. Then, she explained that the Presidential election isn’t about who you like, personally, it’s what they stand for. “If you’re for justice and equality…. you’ll vote for the Democrat. If you’re for eliminating the Capital Gains tax, vote for Romney.” Because that’s all Romney’s really promising to do, she said. “So, if you’re independently wealthy, vote for Romney, and drop out of school.”

Rich suggested the undecided voter look online at each party’s platform. There, you can read exactly what their positions are on a variety of issues. It’s not the people, it’s their policies.

But the kid still looked confused.

Some gems from the evening:

When talking about Medicare, and Social Security:

“Republicans don’t reform things, they end them.” (Fran Lebowitz)

“The country that Romney talks about is not this country, it’s a Country Club.” (FL)

“Democrats and Obama are afraid to say anything about [the car company bailout] and its successes.” (Frank Rich)

“Get the Kardashians to go to Afghanistan…” then people will know what’s happening there. (FL)


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