Romney Fires Big Bird

photo: Getty Images

During last night’s debate, Presidential hopeful Mitt “I love firing people”  Romney fired debate moderator Jim Lehrer “Sorry, Jim…”, and Big Bird: “I love Big Bird…but…” The Twittersphere went crazy – 17,000 tweets per minute mentioning Big Bird

Someone started an account called @FiredBigBird, which USA Today reported had almost 10,000 followers by 10pm. 

Marketplace asked, where does Big Bird fall on the economic scale: is he a 1%-er? 99%? Part of the 47%?

Their research revealed Big Bird’s origins: he’s a six-year-old foster child/bird. Nice, Mitt.

On another note: under the bright lights of a televised debate, why are Romney’s pupils dilated? (See above photo.)

graphic: Marketplace


2 Responses to Romney Fires Big Bird

  1. asmalkendi says:

    i am not sure if he even realizes how he sound…

  2. t.a. says:

    Yes, his entire campaign is plagued by it.

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