Suck It, Rush

photo: teleprompter montage by Soda Head 

Mr. Hater, aka Rush Limbaugh, loves to hate people who have written down what they want to say. He developed this rabid hatred of notes after Obama was elected. Limbaugh spent show after show railing against teleprompters like some OCD lunatic.

However, Limbaugh had to abandon his “a-teleprompter-made-him-say-it” mantra after Romney was heard extolling its virtues. “It keeps you from saying something you don’t mean, you get the message out precisely the way you want to get the message out,” Romney told Sean Hannity in 2010.

Enter Bill Clinton, ad-libbing brilliantly to millions during his DNC speech last week.  

He’s better than you, Rush! Smarter! More influential! Loved by many!

And as Limbaugh’s own bile eats away at his insides, his scorn turns out to be a badge of honor.

Just look at Sandra Fluke. She was just a law student speaking out for health coverage for women. Yes, sometimes “the pill” – a contraceptive – is needed when a woman has fibroids, or any number of conditions (besides pregnancy) that men don’t encounter because they don’t have a womb, or ovaries, or fallopian tubes.   

Displaying his ignorance very clearly to at least 51% of the population, Rush called Sandra a slut and asked her to make porn tapes that he could watch.  Were you ad-libbing, Rush?

Now Sandra Fluke is speaking at the DNC,  and you lost a boatload of advertisers.


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