Wall Street Burned At Burning Man

An effigy of Wall Street was built and burned to the ground at Black Rock City, Nevada, during this year’s Burning Man gathering in the desert.

That included: a life-sized replica of the NY Stock Exchange, “Bank of Un-America,” “Goldman Sucks,” “Merrill Lynched,” and “Chaos Manhattan.”

With 70 volunteers, the buildings were built, and on the final day were burned along with “The Man” of Burning Man.

Burn Wall Street” was conceived, designed, and engineered by Oakland, CA, based artist, Otto Von Danger, who told SF Weekly: “Wall Street is manipulating the political parties to divide the Tea Parties and the Occupiers when they both want the same thing. They think of themselves as enemies when the real enemy is the thing that got them both mad in the first place.”

NY Magazine poetically quipped that the site of the burning buildings was also a scene from Hank Paulson’s recurring nightmare.


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