Representing Your Country After Olympic Gold: A Comparison

Swimming champs Yannick Agnel (France), and Ryan Lochte (USA) both won two Olympic gold medals in London this summer. But what are they doing now?

Yannick Agnel is back to his studies, even after graduating with honors in Oceanography, memorizing sonnets, and “learning Russian for fun.” Agnel is known to be a fan of 19th century poet, Baudelaire, and will quote him during post-race sports interviews.

“And I do not stop studying. I am part of a business school in Sophia-Antipolis and I will keep this essential balance between sports and studies,” he said.

Because at 20-years-old, Agnel isn’t finished with competitive swimming.

photo: Julia Vynokurova/Getty Images Europe

Ryan Lochte, 28, left his training home in Florida to hit the Hollywood circuit. He’s telling everyone who will listen that he’s hoping to star in reality tv shows such as “The Bachelor” and “Dancing With The Stars.”  

As for Lochte’s hopes as an actor, after shooting his cameo in tv show “90210”

 photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

Lochte said: “Memorizing lines, and trying to like, say them and still like, do movement and all that. That was hard.”  

Dude, I would say don’t give up your day job, but what is your day job? Wearing a pink Speedo in Vegas seems to be it right now. They love him in Vegas! As Las Vegas Weekly said, when he showed up on the Strip just 4 days after the Olympics: “Vegas has a long, proud tradition of embracing lovable (and not so lovable) douchebags.” Jeah!

Lochte designed the suit himself…      (photo: TMZ)


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  1. ni says:

    Ha! This is too funny.

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