You Are What You Eat (or, Living is Believing)

Deep down, you always knew it: as you bit into that crisp, juicy apple, or that fuzzy, succulent peach – each with an “organic” sticker that took some skin off as you tried to remove it – you were going to live forever!

God-like in your ingestion of 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables! Pesticide free, as you wielded your thunder bolts! Now, a study to prove it all! Organic food makes you immortal!

That paragon of good thinking, The Reason Foundation, has done a study that finds… wait!

Must be a typo… they say organic food makes you immoral, not immortal. Evil, wrong headed, anti-social, and someone to be avoided? Organic food rots your inner fiber, even as it improves the soil?

Well, that’s just as ridiculous as the immortality claim.

A pox on you, Reason Foundation!


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