You Have Moderate B.O.

 Brad Pitt in Cannes, May 2012

(photo, REUTERS/Yves Herman)

Brad Pitt’s presence will probably enhance the B.O.

 “B.O.” is Box Office … ticket sales! What did you think I was talking about?

The Hollywood industry rag, Daily Variety, uses this kind of cutesy insider-speak.

Instead of a shoot date for a film in progress, it’s “slated to lens this fall.”

An expensive production is a “pricey tentpole.” A writer is a “scribe” (how Shakespearean). A comedy is a “laffer.”

And a “movie” could be called a “picture,” but if you’re Daily Variety, it’s a “pic.”

Note: if you wish to read for yourself about Brad Pitt enhancing the moderate B.O., click here.


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