The Rolling Stone “Big” Issue

Ugh, it’s so embarrassing: an advertisement masquerading as a special issue of Rolling Stone.

Yippee. I get to hear from someone (“Matt Mastrangelo” – not Jann Wenner… hmmm, first clue something is bogus) telling me to “… hang on. It’s going to be loud, fast, out of control…”

But, open the pages and instead you get dull, slightly off-putting, and ready for the recycle bin.

I do miss reading David Fricke, so I read the first pages (about Metallica).

But the rest of the pages, about has-been, record-exec-created, “Garbage” from the ‘90s (“Big Comeback” – yawn); some more BS about the ‘90s; some “next Big thing” crap that I don’t care about; who I should read, and listen to, to be “cool” – as dictated by the sponsors TNT and TBS.

TNT and TBS are the arbiters of cool? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Set your bullshit “phasers” on “massive.”


One Response to The Rolling Stone “Big” Issue

  1. t.a. says:

    I must add that this “supersized” summer extra is literally wafer thin.

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