Trashy TV News

Last year, I met a lovely young woman in Dubai. She has since moved to the states, and is blogging about her new life here. I laughed and laughed when I read her comments about television news.

The back story: having trouble adjusting to life in Northern California, she escaped into television. Then, she decided she had to snap out of it and “get educated” again by watching the news.

An excerpt:

“…So what did I find “Fox News” alright let me try it… “what the hell is this?” I was really shocked.. this channel is anything but news… its like when they make a funny version of a horror movie… except that the funny version sucks and people wont buy the pirate DVD from the Chinese guy in the corner.” Is this a joke?” I flipped the channel to “CNN” … some weird ass shit about republican’s affair… god.. even the news in here are trashy! The whole TV is just this crazy isolation bubble of anything but reality…”

Nothing like a truly outside perspective, eh? 

You can read the entire post “Fakeness Brought Me To Reality”, here.  

Read more of Asma Al Kendi’s blog, here.  



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