Yellowston’s Plan: Blast the Sides Off Mountains While Bears Hibernate for the Winter

Image (A Bighorn Sheep ram in Yellowstone National Park. (AP/NPS, Jim Peaco)

Dan Wenk is a trained landscape architect who somehow ended up Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park.

Wenk wants to let 840 snowmobiles into Yellowstone each day of the winter. To protect the guys on the snowmobiles, Wenk wants to dynamite the sides of snowy mountains to trigger avalanches ahead of time.

Maybe Wenk thinks, “Snowmobilers Uber Alles?” Or, to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe Wenk doesn’t know there are bears (and other wildlife) in Yellowstone?  

The man who appointed Wenk says Dan has what it takes “…to lead the park [Yellowstone] into the future”

Here’s an email I composed to Mr. Dan Wenk. He is supposedly taking public comments on this issue prior to the March 9th deadline.

Subject: Comments on 2012 Supplemental Winter Use Plan for Yellowstone

Dear Superintendent Wenk:

Really? You think more people need to race around Yellowstone in a snowmobile, hootin’ and drinking beer and crashing into trees?

And to accommodate these “visitors,” Yellowstone needs to blast sides of mountains with dynamite to trigger avalanches?

How does any of this sound like the perfect use of a National Treasure?

For God’s sake, reconsider. (I mean really, how can you be serious?)

Thank you for considering my comments.


If you wish, you can …

Mail–Send written comments to:

Yellowstone National Park
Supplemental Winter Use Plan EIS
PO Box 168
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

In Person–Hand deliver any written comments to:

Management Assistant’s Office
Headquarters Building
Mammoth Hot Springs
Yellowstone National Park, WY

Here’s the link to submit a comment electronically:

And finally, here’s an exellent article on seeing Yellowstone’s wildlife in winter.


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