The “Natural” Foods Myth: Undermining Real Organic Products

July 3, 2009


According to the Organic Consumers Association, there is a new movement by conventional food producers to flood the market with products labeled “Natural,” and price them as if they were organic. Consumers will be tricked into thinking they are buying organic products, and paying organic prices, for conventionally produced goods.

“Natural” products are routinely produced using pesticides, chemical fertilizer, hormones, genetic engineering, and sewage sludge. Goods marked “certified organic” and “USDA Organic” are not.

Retailers like Whole Foods Market, and wholesalers like United Natural Foods Inc., continue to push “natural” products at a premium price, while, in effect slowing down the growth of organics with their near market monopoly.

The Horizon brand of organic milk is going to start selling “natural” milk—conventionally produced milk, at premium  prices. The aim is to lure people away from “USDA Organic” milk, but still charge close to organic prices.

Dean Foods, which controls the Horizon brand, made a similar move when they purchased Silk Soy Milk. Silk now uses conventional soy beans, but sells Silk Soy Milk at the same price it was when the soy beans were certified organic. The technique is sheer profiteering.