Obama Signing Statement on $106 Billion War Funding Bill

June 30, 2009


The statement ignores a Congressional mandate to pressure World Bank to strengthen labor and environmental standards. These standards would require funded institutions to use methods to “fairly represent the value of internationally recognized workers’ rights.”

And it rejected a provision for Treasury Department to file a report on how to eliminate overlapping activities of the World Bank and IMF.

President Obama, who in the past criticized President Bush for his use of signing statements, said that he rejected these two provisions of the war spending bill because they interfere with foreign policy.

This is his sixth signing statement. By definition, signing statements change the law being signed.


Media: Stop the False Debate On Torture and the Environment–Take a Moral Stand

June 11, 2009




The Christian Science Monitor might be the last real newspaper in the country. A quote from Jerry Larson in an opinion piece about what’s wrong with newspapers:

“The best papers set the agenda in their news and opinion, offering not the tepid voice of the referee seen in the recent Obama-Cheney torture “debate,” but a strong voice of moral leadership. It was the courage of a few Southern newspaper editors, for example, that helped end segregation. They took a stand. They didn’t, in the name of “balance,” give integrationists and segregationists an equal voice.”

Newspapers refuse to take a stand on the environment as well.

A recent article in the LA Times about the destructive practice of blowing the tops off mountains for a little coal, the Times quoted “critics” of the practice as “claiming” this type of mining is destructive.

Blasting off a mountain top is destructive. It is not an opinion of the opposition. How namby-pamby can you get?

This kind of “reporting” sends readers to other sources for the real story. Stop blaming the internet!