Christmas Ornament Removed From White House Tree

impeachxmas1203story reports that Seattle artist Deborah Lawrence had her Christmas ornament removed from the White House tree after Laura Bush discovered from a gossip columnist that the art on the ornament contained the Articles of Impeachment  in teeny-tiny lettering. 

Over 350 artists designed ornaments for the White House tree using the colors of the flag.

Jeremy Olshan of writes:

“Lawrence was actually flummoxed when she first got the commission this summer. ‘I had an immediate, convulsive reaction to the request,’ she says. “Why would I want to put a smiley face of tacit approval on an administration famous for lies, greed, warmongering and religious fundamentalism?’

“Along with the impeachment resolution, Lawrence noted moments of civil disobedience and activism in Washington state: the 1919 Seattle General Strike, in which 65,000 workers walked off the job, and the 1999 WTO protests.”

But because the ornament was discovered, and in spite of its being censored, we all get to know about it. Merry Christmas!


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