Media Claims That America Is “Center-Right” Contradicts Reality


Blogger David Sirota commissioned an interesting study: how many times, since Barack Obama’s election, have media pundits insisted that America is “center-right?”

As you can see from the chart, the statement “This is a center-right country,” spiked after the election(box 1 on the chart) —which saw not only the election of Obama, but the Democrats gaining seats in both houses of Congress.

Sirota writes, “The media has exponentially increased the amount of times it claims that this country is a “center-right nation” – at the very same time public opinion data shows the country is a decidedly center-left nation.”

Election data, too. Just a short while ago, conservative pundits and the McCain campaign were calling Obama a “socialist.” Now that he’s been elected, the media says this is affirmation that the country is “conservative.” Watch the video for more.


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