The Yes Men Give the American People News They Want


Thousands of these fake NYT papers were handed out on Wednesday, November 12, 2008, all around New York City by The Yes Men.

The real NYT was quick to name it a “spoof”, but I think this comment from the NYT’s own blog really hit at the core of why the fake paper was distributed:

“It’s obvious that the spoof was done as a message that the mass media is complicit in perpetuating and contributing to the war, the environmental crisis and also the economic crisis with skewed and biased information which favours corporate interests. The mass media is not a neutral player in global politics – far from it. … Whoever did it has a politically progressive worldview which favour social justice and human rights. The mass media – the NY Times – does not, by and large. This is not a prank – it is a direct action critique of media complicity with corporate agendas which perpetuate colonial wars and corporate hegemony.” (by Paul York–and from his spelling of “favours” I’m guessing he’s British)

Here’s the fake NYT online, if you want to read all the headlines. Very creative. Even the banner ads are progressive.


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