Media Claims That America Is “Center-Right” Contradicts Reality

November 25, 2008


Blogger David Sirota commissioned an interesting study: how many times, since Barack Obama’s election, have media pundits insisted that America is “center-right?”

As you can see from the chart, the statement “This is a center-right country,” spiked after the election(box 1 on the chart) —which saw not only the election of Obama, but the Democrats gaining seats in both houses of Congress.

Sirota writes, “The media has exponentially increased the amount of times it claims that this country is a “center-right nation” – at the very same time public opinion data shows the country is a decidedly center-left nation.”

Election data, too. Just a short while ago, conservative pundits and the McCain campaign were calling Obama a “socialist.” Now that he’s been elected, the media says this is affirmation that the country is “conservative.” Watch the video for more.


No One Shakes Bush’s Hand At G20 Summit

November 20, 2008

The commentator here says, “This may be a case of ‘what goes around comes around’…”  Not so. That  would mean Bush is in jail, being held without charges being brought against him, and tortured routinely. Let’s not be naive about his true legacy–it’s more than being a “bully,” it’s about being a criminal.

How To Boil a Frog With Less Water

November 17, 2008


“The boiling frog story states that a frog can be boiled alive if the water is heated slowly enough — it is said that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will never jump out. The story is generally told in a figurative context, with the upshot being that people should make themselves aware of gradual change lest they suffer a catastrophic loss.”

Report indicates climate change to affect water supply planning
Valley Courier Online – Alamosa, CO, USA

Water supply falling short; rationing may be necessary
Press-Enterprise – Riverside, CA, USA

Water conservation is part of future
Lake Oswego Review – Lake Oswego, OR, USA

Water leak drains county water supply
Clay County Progress – Hayesville, NC, USA

State might curtail water supply to Long Beach, other So Cal cities
Contra Costa Times – Walnut Creek, CA, USA

Lawsuit ruling edges Tarrant, Dallas districts closer to Oklahoma water supply
Dallas Morning News – Dallas, TX, USA

Two reservoirs nearly dry, so officials juggle sources
Honolulu Advertiser – Honolulu, HI, USA

Water rights for Auburn dam could be revoked
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA

Palm Beach announced recently that it will test West Palm Beach water for contaminants. The city recently sent a letter to water users about the last quarter of 2007 when high levels of trihalomethane were registered. And last year, the city disinfected the water supply for several months with free chlorine after a fecal bacteria outbreak.

Palm Beach Daily News – CA, USA

“The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) issued a press release explaining that a new Bush administration rule signed on Halloween–trick or treat?–made thousands of factory farms exempt from needing permits that limit water pollution…According to the NRDC, the new rule:

Creates a loophole allowing facility operators to avoid permits by claiming they won’t have a discharge.

Adopts a scheme that allows facilities to avoid certain environmental enforcement. For instance, if an operator certifies that the facility won’t have a discharge, environmental authorities will ignore enforcement action, even if the facility discharges to the nation’s waters.”

The Daily Green

All the headlines and the Palm Beach quote are from sources published October 28-30, 2008. The Daily Green quote is from November 3, 2008.

(posted by R. T.)

President Tricks Environment, Treats Factory Farms: Daily Green – USA

The Yes Men Give the American People News They Want

November 13, 2008


Thousands of these fake NYT papers were handed out on Wednesday, November 12, 2008, all around New York City by The Yes Men.

The real NYT was quick to name it a “spoof”, but I think this comment from the NYT’s own blog really hit at the core of why the fake paper was distributed:

“It’s obvious that the spoof was done as a message that the mass media is complicit in perpetuating and contributing to the war, the environmental crisis and also the economic crisis with skewed and biased information which favours corporate interests. The mass media is not a neutral player in global politics – far from it. … Whoever did it has a politically progressive worldview which favour social justice and human rights. The mass media – the NY Times – does not, by and large. This is not a prank – it is a direct action critique of media complicity with corporate agendas which perpetuate colonial wars and corporate hegemony.” (by Paul York–and from his spelling of “favours” I’m guessing he’s British)

Here’s the fake NYT online, if you want to read all the headlines. Very creative. Even the banner ads are progressive.

Barack Obama on Net Neutrality

November 12, 2008