TV War ‘Experts’ Spouting Pentagon Propaganda: But We Already Knew That

The New York Times reported on Sunday that the Pentagon has been feeding tv news war “analysts” who were really just spouting White House propaganda.

Many of us who used to watch tv news knew this already, and stopped watching tv news. My friends and I assumed that the tv reporters were in cahoots with the propaganda machine to promote the war. After all, they spouted all the lies leading up to the war (WMD, etc.) as facts. What has changed now?

The war is really, really, really unpopular. And, in my opinion, the media is pulling a Hillary Clinton. Meaning, she justifies her vote for the Iraq invasion by saying she was an innocent pawn who believed all she was told. The tv news people can now make the same claim. How convenient. Well, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief and assume that the main stream media really didn’t know any better. But–Congress needs to investigate White House and Pentagon involvement in a propaganda machine. If you want to sign a petition to tell your Congressperson to support an investigation, click here.

You can watch a video about the report below.


2 Responses to TV War ‘Experts’ Spouting Pentagon Propaganda: But We Already Knew That

  1. VoteNader says:

    My question is: Where is the coverage of this major story? NO other outlets are talking about it …

  2. t.a. says:

    After reading your comment, I went troling around the internet to see exactly who is covering this story. The answer: mostly bloggers and media watchdog orgs. My guess is that the media doesn’t want to keep a story alive that makes tham look incompentent. That said, here’s a good op-ed I found on the Miami Harold web site:

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