Flag Question A Diversion From Real Issues

ABC tracked down Nash McCabe in Latrobe, PA, after The New York Times did a piece in which she was featured on April 4th; the article quoted her as saying she wanted to see Obama wear a flag lapel pin. They basically asked her to say the same thing on camera for the debate. (Arguably, so the moderators wouldn’t have to ask something so stupid.)

But a closer look at Ms. McCabe reveals a larger story that points to some real issues the candidates could have addressed instead:

She’s been the breadwinner ever since her husband was badly injured in a coal mining accident in 1983. It took eight years for him to start receiving his disability money. Her hometown of Latrobe was decimated by unemployment after their other industry—a brewery—was bought and shut down by Budweiser … the company that happens to be the source John McCain’s wife’s mega-wealth. McCabe is currently unemployed. Why not ask why her husband’s disability should destroy them? Or what the candidates will do to prevent corporations from destroying small-town America? Those questions seem more pertinent, rather than wondering why a candidate isn’t wearing a pin that was probably made in China.


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