A Multiple Choice Quiz For You!

April 25, 2008

(Colorado legislator Douglas Bruce)

What’s most idiotic:

A. This guy’s comments

Lawmaker stuns Colo. House by calling farmworkers ‘illiterate peasants’


B. The fact that he defended his remarks instead of apologizing

“I looked up ‘illiterate’ in the dictionary and it means somebody who is lacking in formal education or is unable to read and write…these people, most of them, don’t speak English.”

C. The four pages of moronic, racist comments by USA Today readers at the end of the article link


D. The fact that this stuff still bugs me…



TV War ‘Experts’ Spouting Pentagon Propaganda: But We Already Knew That

April 22, 2008

The New York Times reported on Sunday that the Pentagon has been feeding tv news war “analysts” who were really just spouting White House propaganda.

Many of us who used to watch tv news knew this already, and stopped watching tv news. My friends and I assumed that the tv reporters were in cahoots with the propaganda machine to promote the war. After all, they spouted all the lies leading up to the war (WMD, etc.) as facts. What has changed now?

The war is really, really, really unpopular. And, in my opinion, the media is pulling a Hillary Clinton. Meaning, she justifies her vote for the Iraq invasion by saying she was an innocent pawn who believed all she was told. The tv news people can now make the same claim. How convenient. Well, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief and assume that the main stream media really didn’t know any better. But–Congress needs to investigate White House and Pentagon involvement in a propaganda machine. If you want to sign a petition to tell your Congressperson to support an investigation, click here.

You can watch a video about the report below.

Flag Question A Diversion From Real Issues

April 22, 2008

ABC tracked down Nash McCabe in Latrobe, PA, after The New York Times did a piece in which she was featured on April 4th; the article quoted her as saying she wanted to see Obama wear a flag lapel pin. They basically asked her to say the same thing on camera for the debate. (Arguably, so the moderators wouldn’t have to ask something so stupid.)

But a closer look at Ms. McCabe reveals a larger story that points to some real issues the candidates could have addressed instead:

She’s been the breadwinner ever since her husband was badly injured in a coal mining accident in 1983. It took eight years for him to start receiving his disability money. Her hometown of Latrobe was decimated by unemployment after their other industry—a brewery—was bought and shut down by Budweiser … the company that happens to be the source John McCain’s wife’s mega-wealth. McCabe is currently unemployed. Why not ask why her husband’s disability should destroy them? Or what the candidates will do to prevent corporations from destroying small-town America? Those questions seem more pertinent, rather than wondering why a candidate isn’t wearing a pin that was probably made in China.

Charles Gibson: Assaholic

April 18, 2008

Didn’t watch the debates last night? Good for you! Host network ABC/Disney focussed on gossip and innuendo. So asinine were the questions from lead a-hole Charles Gibson that the audience started to jeer.

Senator Barak Obama noted today that it took over 45 minutes for the moderators to start asking about the economy and the war.

Will Bunch, a Philadelphia Daily News writer, posted an open letter to Gibson and Stephanopoulos on his blog. He said that Gibson and co-moderator George Stephanopoulos focussed on issues that were trivial and a waste of the voters’ time.

Stephanopoulos spun the criticism as a sign of “how much people care” about this election. No, dude, it’s about how much you sucked.

The LA Times noted that while journalists made much of Obama’s not wearing a flag pin, no one else at the debate was wearing one either. New York Times commentator David Brooks defended Gibson and Stephanopoulos, saying that the flag pin and Clinton’s Bosnia “under fire” blunder are really what the American voter cares about.

Only the UK’s Guardian noticed the debate’s negative bias against Obama—and noted that Stephanopoulos was in Bill Clinton’s cabinet during his first term in 1992. An old Clinton retainer, he’s obviously not, in this case, an objective journalist. So why’s he moderating?

The Iraq War: Brought to You by the Same Party That Deregulated the Airlines

April 16, 2008

Dr. King: “Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam”

April 7, 2008

It is the 40th anniversary of Dr. King’s death. While I prefer to mark birthdays, it seems appropriate to hear this speech now.