Political Hypocrisy: The Dems v. the Repubs

spitzer-reuters-photo.jpg bush_debate_poland.jpg

New York governor Elliot Spitzer just resigned for getting caught having sex with a prostitute. The Repubs in the State Legislature had threatened impeachment proceedings if he didn’t step down. So, down he went.

Prez of the US, GW Bush got caught lying about the reasons for the Iraq War. Thousands are dead; billions spent. And the Dems in Congress refuse to impeach, or stop the war.

When it’s sex v. war, the ghosts of those damn Puritans win every time.

More hypocrisy: Condi Rice had the nerve to criticize China and Russia in a new, US-authored, human rights report. More self-righteous posturing and finger pointing from the people who brought you Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, secret renditions, and the so-called Patriot Act.

Just a day before the human rights report came out, Bush vetoed a law making water boarding illegal. Just a day after, the US refused UN human rights inspectors from visiting US-run detention centers in Iraq.

What will the Dems, who have controlled Congress since ’06, do? Probably nothing.


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