Turkey Will Not Say When Army Will Leave Iraq

February 27, 2008

Turkey’s airstrikes have destroyed five bridges in Iraq, according to the Kurdish government [AFP]

Taking a tip from the U.S. playbook, the Turkish government will not say how long they plan to stay in northern Iraq. It’s a matter of national security, they say. Meanwhile, the Iraqi government is telling the U.S. to intervene, saying the Turks are disrespecting their sovereignty.  Turkey is a U.S. ally, so how exactly the U.S. is supposed to intervene no one knows.  I wonder if Bush can spell IRONY.


101 Dollars A Barrel

February 22, 2008


Gas prices are inching up this week – $3.21 a gallon at my local Arco – but some car manufacturers have the nerve to make a vehicle that only gets 8 miles to the gallon.

Greencars.org put together a list of the greenest cars of 2008 ( Honda has four cars on the list), and the meanest. Topping the meanest vehicles to the environment is the Volkswagen Touareg. Unsurprisingly, the Hummer H2 is on the mean list. But not as close to the top as I would have thought.

For answers to energy basics, such as “How many gallons of gas are in a barrel?” (42) And “Who is the top supplier of crude oil to the U.S.?” (Canada. Yes, Canada.) You can visit the government’s Energy Information Administration.

Biden: Mukasey Stance on Torture “Shocks My Conscience”

February 3, 2008