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December 25, 2007



Hilary v. Obama Cooked Up by the Corporate Media

December 22, 2007


Corporate media is pretending that the only two candidates running for President on the Democratic ticket is Hillary and Obama.

According to analysis by FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting), “[John] Edwards is the only Democratic candidate who consistently polls in double digits. And when other polls have included Edwards in questions about electability, Edwards generally does better than the other two, sometimes by wide margins. In a CNN survey of December 6–9, Edwards beat Romney by 11 points more than Clinton and 9 points more than Obama. He beat Huckabee by 15 points more than Clinton and 10 points more than Obama. Clinton lost to McCain in this polling by 2 points while Obama and McCain were tied, but Edwards beat him by 6. There’s not as much of a difference with Giuliani, but Edwards still did 3 points better than Clinton and 2 points better than Obama.”

But a recent USA Today “analysis” (12-21-07) left Edwards out of the equation entirely.

FAIR thinks the reason corporate media ignores Edwards is because he consistently attacks corporate control of the media and government.

Meanwhile, if you take the questions directly to the people, recent polls show Edwards ahead in Iowa. Wouldn’t know it from the “news,” would you?

Watch Edwards on “Hardball” (10 minutes)

Stop Media Consolidation

December 20, 2007

lottdorgan.jpeg(stacks of petitions in ’03)

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and his two fellow GOP commissioners approved new rules that will unleash a flood of media consolidation across America. The rules will further consolidate local media markets — taking away independent voices in cities already woefully short on local news and investigative journalism.

In 2003, the FCC tried to do the same thing, but millions of people demanded that Congress reject the FCC’s rules. And they did. It’s time to do it again.

FreePress.org needs 100,000 people to get Congress to reverse the FCC’s rules right now.

Click here to sign the petition.

Olbermann on 12/6–The National Intelligence Report on Iran

December 13, 2007

Kucinich on Kucinich (universal health care)

December 6, 2007

Congressman Dennis Kucinich found a way to speak at the last debate, when he was being frozen out of the Q & A by other cadidates.

Separated At Birth?

December 2, 2007


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