Another Lapse in American Political Memory Has All the Media Hailing Benazir Bhutto As the Savior Of Pakistan

fatima-bhutto.jpg    Benazir Bhutto’s niece writes in today’s LA Times that all the (media) hype about her aunt saving Pakistan, and Pakistani democracy, has no basis in reality. During her two governments, Fatima Bhutto reminds us that Benazir embezzled an estimated $1 billion from the treasury.  She’s been convicted of money-laundering in the Swiss courts, and cases in Britain and Spain are ongoing. Benazir also probably had a hand in assassinating her younger brother, who was in Parliament and a critic of her policies. And, Fatima points out, while other critics of Musharraf are carted off to prison for threatening to hold a press conference, Benazir has held multiple ones from her home surrounded by police protection provided by Musharraf’s government. “House arrest” indeed. Fatima concludes:

“By supporting Ms. Bhutto, who talks of democracy while asking to be brought to power by a military dictator, the only thing that will be accomplished is the death of the nascent secular democratic movement in my country. Democratization will forever be de-legitimized, and our progress in enacting true reforms will be quashed. We Pakistanis are certain of this.”

Click here to read it in its entirety.


3 Responses to Another Lapse in American Political Memory Has All the Media Hailing Benazir Bhutto As the Savior Of Pakistan

  1. tina says:

    Thanks for posting this. We do need to be reminded about Benizir’s past.

  2. Ansam says:

    Transferring USD 1.5 Billion from Pakistan treasury to her husband Zardari is clearly wrong!
    The media plays up what they want us to believe! She, by making friends with the right people, is being saved and they are overlooking her criminal past! I strongly believe that shes using the fact that she is a female and want to gain support from that.

  3. jeff buderer says:

    Thanks for this post. After hearing the initial reports trickle about allegations of corruption that seemed to be extraordinarily well documented I am increasingly taken about the mainstream media’s coverage of Bhutto.

    It makes one understand that the responsibility for America’s policy blunders are systemic and complex and usually not due to the actions of one individual.

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