FCC and Media Consolidation

Sens. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D) and Trent Lott (R-Miss.) have joined forces urging the FCC’s chair Kevin Martin not to approve further media consolidation. Dorgan and Lott pledged to introduce a “resolution of disapproval” — a rarely used legislative veto of bad regulations — if the FCC continued to ignore public input and proceed with consolidation by the end of December.

“If the FCC proceeds on the schedule it is planning, it will be a big mistake,” Dorgan said. “It’s clear the concentration of media ownership that has already taken place has not been good for our country. I’m confident any plan to allow additional concentration of media ownership will be rejected.”

To send a letter, click here.

To join in an online dicussion with a member of the FCC, click here.


2 Responses to FCC and Media Consolidation

  1. James Connelly says:

    What does it take to get through to you people. If you expect to keep feeding off the people, you must not allow media consolidation. The people are waking up and your control will be stopped.
    I don’t need to tell you why media diversity is necessary to have a funtioning democracy. If you won’t stop the consolidation of media, then one can only conclude that you have an agenda that is in opposition to the democracy and people that you are supposed to work for. YOU, decide who you intend to represent. The CORPORATIONS or the PEOPLE.
    I have little doubt whom you will choose. It will be the GOD you worship $$$$, not the DEMOCRACY you can destroy. You will choose the people who bought you all. History will speak fondly of your decisions, because you will write the history. The only casuality will be the truth that the democratic process demands.

  2. t.a. says:

    I assume the “you” in your comments are directed to the media moguls? Ranting is fine, just please be a little more clear.

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