Timeless Instructions to GIs in Iraq

book.jpeg The University of Chicago Press has reprinted a manual the U.S. War Department handed out to American servicemen posted in Iraq back in 1943. The book seems to have struck a chord with the public. The LA Times reports that it has become a hit seller for the university publisher. That’s because the 64-year-old advice the book gives is shockingly relevant.

“American success or failure in Iraq may well depend on whether the Iraqis like American soldiers or not,” the book says on it’s opening page. Other tips: always be respectful, and don’t stare at, Iraqi women; don’t be boastful or arrogant; learn some Arabic phrases; remember that Arabs are some of the most relentless guerrilla fighters in the world.

The 44-page book appears just as it did during WWII, with one addition: a forward by Army Lt. Col. John A. Nagl, who served in Iraq in 2003. He writes, in part, that some of the advice given in this book “might have prevented the fervent insurgency from being raised to the fever pitch it has taken recently.”

Instructions for American Servicemen in Iraq During World War II is only $10, and can be ordered here.


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