If Climate Change Kills People, We Could Use Their Bodies For Fuel

This was the argument made by The Yes Men when they infiltrated GO-EXPO, Canada’s largest oil conference, held on June 14 in Calgary, Alberta.

Posing as representatives of ExxonMobile and the National Petroleum Council (NPC), the two activists delivered the keynote address at the conference to 20,000 attendees.

The speech focused on current U.S. and Canadian energy policies, specifically the massive, carbon-intensive exploitation of Alberta’s oil sands, and the development of liquid coal, which are increasing the chances of huge global calamities. But the two reassured the audience that in the worst case scenario, the oil industry could “keep fuel flowing” by transforming the billions of people who die into oil.

Then they showed a short film in which a former Exxon maintenance man volunteered to turn his body into candles, that were first passed out to the crowd and lit.

The pair was ejected after the film and fined for trespassing.

A transcript of the entire speech was reprinted in this month’s (October’s) Harpers Magazine.


2 Responses to If Climate Change Kills People, We Could Use Their Bodies For Fuel

  1. Santadelic says:

    they got the balls! well done for the oil producers.

  2. t.a. says:

    This wasn’t the “oil producers.’ These were protesters that posed as oil producers. It’s called satire.

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