Dan Rather Fights Corporate Media… And Gets A Lot Of Bad Press

(photo by Lonnie Juli/CBS)

I can’t help but be on Dan’s side, now that he’s the underdog.

The LA Times, at first, did a very fair article on the suit. Reporter, Matea Gold, on September 20, pointed out that Sumner Redsone told Time magazine in an interview shortly after Rather was fired from CBS (for the story that was unfavorable to Bush), that Redstone wanted a Republican win in 2004 because it was good for his company (“I do believe that a Republican Administration is better for media companies than a Democratic one.”).

But now the LA Times has joined the other newspapers in the mudslinging with articles about Dan’s “ego
and how he’s crazy and needs to “stay on script.” Matea Gold is no longer covering the story.

Let’s focus on the theme of Rather’s story shortly before the 2004 general election: Pres. George W. Bush used family influence to avoid serving in the Vietnam War. Well, he did, didn’t he? His opponent in the presidential race volunteered, and was a hero. Dick Chaney got five (that’s 5) deferments to keep him out of that jungle war. Not too good a record for an Administration that has started a “never ending war.”

Rather has pledged that if he wins the suit, he’ll take CBS’s money and give it to independent media. Go, Dan!


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