Dan Rather Emboldened by Don Imus’s Win To Sue CBS?

   The spin on Dan Rather’s lawsuit against CBS is that he is crazy for “[dredging] up the worst moment of his career.” But really, Rather is dredging up a bad moment in media history when CBS wouldn’t stand up to the White House and back up a story that made Bush look bad right before his reelection. I saw Dan Rather’s apology and firing after his story in 2004 that President Bush got preferential treatment when he was in the National Guard just as he does: “The story was true,” Rather said. “The documents, I still believe them to be true. I believed them to be true at the time.”

“I think we’re going to find out just how much interference at the corporate level there is in national news stories,” Rather told the Washington Post on Friday.

The only question I have for Rather is: What took you so long?

Here’s the CBS spin.

Here’s the 60 minutes story in question from September 8, 2004.


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