More Bad News About Plastic

baby-bottle.jpg On Monday, the LA Times ran a lengthy article on the dangers of bisphenol-A, found in flexible plastics, leaching into everything the chemical comes in contact with. Most alarmingly, bisphenol-A is used in manufacturing most baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, the lining of most canned foods, plastic food storage containers, plastic water bottles, etc. Bisphenol-A mimics the hormone estrogen and is an endocrine disrupter. Estrogen can do the most damage to baby boys’ developing reproductive systems, but elevated levels of estrogen have also been linked to breast and ovarian cancer in women.

Though the LA Times article suggested it is “impossible” for a consumer to navigate store shelves to find products that are safe—not so! Chuck all your #3 and #7 plastic, for starters. Then check out “Z Recommends”—a fantastic blog that has researched most of the baby bottles and sippy cups on the market to see which ones are safe. The sippy cup section has recommendations for adult water bottles as well. Click here for bottles, here for sippy cups, here for pacifiers.

And, NEVER microwave your food in a plastic container! Heat causes a break down in polycarbonate plastic, which in turn releases bisphenol-A into your food.


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