After Many Political Blunders, Condi Hopes To Hide In An Ivory Tower

condi-molly-riley-reuters.jpg (Molly Riley/Reuters)

Yes, she did say Iraq had WMD. Yes, she did all but say that Iraq had nuclear weapons with that “mushroom cloud” comment on CNN back in 2003. Her “diplomacy” during a meeting with Russian President Putin several months ago resulted in the Russians canceling the photo op following the meeting. So what are Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s plans when “W”, and she, is out of office? She plans to return to Stanford University in 2009 (Rice is currently on leave as a poly sci prof while serving the Pres.). But, it seems, many in the University don’t want her back—faculty and student body alike. Check out the article in The Stanford Daily… but really, check out the reader comments following the article.

For more details on how Condi hopes to restore her reputation by returning to academia, see the New York Times article that was published September 1.


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