Baghdad: 6 Million People, 117 Degrees, and No Water

iraqi-children.gif            Iraqi children drink water from a broken pipe in a Baghdad dumpsite, July 31

For the past 24 hours, Baghdad has had virtually no running water. [And the U.S. media is blaming the Iraqis!]

Major parts of the city of six million people have lacked running water for six days, while daily high temperatures have ranged from 115 to 120 degrees. The tiny amount of water dripping through the pipes is causing many of those who must drink it to suffer acute intestinal illness.

According to Article 55 of Geneva Conventions (1949) to which the U.S. government is a signatory: “To the fullest extent of the means available to it the Occupying Power has the duty of ensuring the food and medical supplies of the population; it should, in particular, bring in the necessary foodstuffs, medical stores and other articles if the resources of the occupied territory are inadequate.”

Article 59 states: “If the whole or part of the population of an occupied territory is inadequately supplied, the Occupying Power shall agree to relief schemes on behalf of the said population, and shall facilitate them by all the means at its disposal.”

Of course, the shortage of water—the most vital of all necessities—does not extend to the U.S. personnel…

To read the full article by Richard Becker, click here.


One Response to Baghdad: 6 Million People, 117 Degrees, and No Water

  1. Suasoria says:

    Blaming Iraqis has become a habit of many Democrats as well. Ironically, it just allows Bush and company to take the high road about allowing Iraqis to “run” their “own” country.

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