No One Gets to Say ‘No’ to the U.S.

condi.jpgWhen talks ended Tuesday between Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Putin agreed to stop comparing U.S. tactics to Nazi Germany (Putin denounced “claims to global exclusiveness… just as it was in the time of the Third Riech.”). Russia doesn’t like that the U.S. is planning to set up missile systems right next door in Poland and the Czech Republic. The U.S. says the missiles are aimed at Iran. Russia sees them as a direct threat. Some see the beginning of a new cold war. Loaded terminology aside, America is making another enemy out of an ally.

Condoleezza Rice really showed off her diplomacy skills by leaving the talks with nothing accomplished, and with a snarky comment:

“The US needs to move forward to use technology to defend itself and we’re going to do that. I don’t think that anyone expects the US to permit a veto on American security interests.”

I think Iran would probably say the same thing about why they want the bomb. Gee, did I just compare the current US administration with that of a fanatic? I guess I did.

But the U.S. had a hard time finding a country that would accept these new missile bases. Italians protested. The Czechs have protested too, but they have an acrimonious past with Russia and maybe would like to see missiles aimed at Putin (uh, Iran). Poland never objected to U.S. missile bases on their soil. They hate the Russians more than the Czechs do. So are those missiles going to be aimed at Russia? Not “aimed”, they’re just going to fly over Russia. Fly over. To hit a missile that is also flying over Russia. That came from Iran. Get it?

By the way, Condi and Putin were supposed to get their pictures taken together after the talks just outside of Moscow. The Russians cancelled the event.


3 Responses to No One Gets to Say ‘No’ to the U.S.

  1. Suasoria says:

    Sometimes I feel like I live in a parallel universe.

    Unless I missed something, Iran was not threatening to attack, was not preparing for an attack, has not illegally invaded or occupied any territory…something the U.S. and its ally do regularly and with little or no provocation. The U.S. and Israel pose an ‘immediate and credible’ threat, but the reverse is not true. If I were Russia, which of these entities would I be most fearful of?

  2. linda c says:

    can i call someone names on your blog? madam secretary’s quote is so arrogant it’s to make me scream bloody murder. i don’t even know where to begin without using words that might even make me blush, and i talk like a drunken sailor! (no offense to drunken sailors intended) it makes me crazy to think that people from other places might get the impression that she – and her criminal cronies – speak for me.

  3. […] during a meeting with Russian President Putin several months ago resulted in the Russians canceling the photo op following the meeting. So what are Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s plans when “W”, and […]

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