May Day! May Day!

monica-almeida-the-new-york-times.jpg(In downtown LA; Monica Almeida-The New York Times)

I normally wouldn’t link to Fox News, but they have an unedited video on their site showing LA’s finest in riot gear breaking up a peaceful protest. It’s quite an indictment. So much so that Police Chief Bratton, after viewing the video, is opening two investigations.

Here’s what the LA Times had to say about what happened:

“The violence began unfolding when a helicopter flew low over the east side of the park and sirens blasted as police ordered people out of the park, telling them they would be arrested if they didn’t leave.

“The police formed a riot line across the park on the east side, forcing the crowd to move west. Some participants were yelling at police, “You can’t do this.”

“About 6:45 p.m., police ordered the last people out of MacArthur Park, mostly news personnel and some marchers filming the police actions, declaring an “unlawful assembly.”

“…Another confrontation came about 6:50 p.m., still well before nightfall, when a police car with lights blazing was bombarded by bottles and clothes as it passed. A line of officers fired several volleys of the foam bullets from wide-barreled launchers resembling shotguns.

“People started running while throwing things, including plastic bottles and palm fronds, at Metro buses. One hit a bus with a piece of wood.

“More police cars streamed north on Rampart Boulevard and west on 6th Street. In Lafayette Park, several police jumped out with batons and tackled crowd members, arresting someone in the big pile. They chased reporters away.”

For the entire LA Times story, click here. For the indy media take, click here.


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