The Bogus ‘Mommy Wars’

The Washington Post opinion page is finally saying what I have felt ever since this PR war began: after becoming a mother almost 4 years ago, there is NO mother that I’m at “war” with, whether she is working or not.

Go E.J. Graff for telling it like it is: this “war” was cooked up by publishers to sell books.


3 Responses to The Bogus ‘Mommy Wars’

  1. James Hanes says:

    Of course it was bogus.

    It helps to remember that the media has to come up with something to say every day, so they invent “controversies” that allow them to have something to talk about for the next few news cycles, or even longer.

    And because the media have to say something–any old thing–every day, they can’t choose to remain silent, they have to open their collective mouth, even if what drops out is a steaming loaf.

  2. linda c says:

    In the category of know your enemy, maybe the discussion should be about the “mommy war” within! I could write a book — or a blog.

  3. Suasoria says:

    Apparently I missed a memo. I thought this war was settled a long time ago:

    Wealthy and middle-class white mothers should stay home with their children; otherwise, they’re bad mothers.

    Black, brown, and lower-class mothers should go out and get jobs; otherwise, they’re lazy.

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