After Moyers Iraq Doc, D.C. Reporters Freak Out

We are experiencing a deluge of lame excuses being shouted from news rooms across the country in the wake of Bill Moyers’s brilliant analysis of lazy, and just bad, reporting in the many months before the Iraq invasion. A really fantastic short article by David Sirota details how these jerks are defending themselves. Did I say jerks? I meant “reporters.” Here’s Sirota’s conclusion:

“Moyers piece is important not just because it has exposed the entire sham that was pre-war Beltway journalism, but also because he has finally exacted a price — in this case, humiliation — from the reporters whose power-worshiping, must-stay-on-the-cocktail-party-circuit tendencies led them to aggressively push this country into war. And we can hope that fear of future humiliation will help prevent another gross abdication of responsibility next time around.”

To read the entire article by David Sirota, click here.


3 Responses to After Moyers Iraq Doc, D.C. Reporters Freak Out

  1. Elaine says:

    Moyers is AWESOME!! He always was incredibly incisive, astute and politically right-on. NOW is a fabulous show – way better and more relevant than 60 Minutes. But Moyers’ effort this week, basically lambasting the press and news media over their disgusting performance regarding the Iraq war was phenomenal!!

    The press used to be called “the forth estate” – a vital component of democracy. With almost all of it corporate owned we are in a sorry state of affairs. Is there any way out of this?

  2. SMHelen says:

    I have not read Mr. Sirota’s opinion yet. I am looking forward to a delicious reading. I believe those so called press and news media are part of the problem in this country. I was overseas in late January and I have to admit the US citizens are being feed crap for news. I mean CRAP. Need I say more????

    The only way out is when we stop being so busy and make sure no war is started in our name. I hope this Iraq war will wake up the population from their abyss.

  3. […] “news source” banging the drums of war with no justifiable proof. According to Bill Moyers, and the PBS feature he produced, in the year before the invasion William Safire (NYT who predicted a “quick war” with Iraqis […]

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