People Who Call the Administration ‘Liars’ Don’t Get on the Front Page

tillman-and-lynch-susan-walsh-ap.jpg(Susan Walsh/AP)

During a congressional oversight hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday, lawmakers vowed to investigate whether the White House and top Pentagon officials played a role in lying to the public about the death of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan; and lying about the capture of Jessica Lynch, a former soldier in Iraq whose ordeal was inaccurately portrayed in the media as a heroic fight and rescue.

The initial stories of the fake reasons for Pat Tillman’s death, and the fake rescue of Jessica Lynch were on page one. I’m sure the media don’t see themselves as culpable in perpetuating a lie. But now that there is truth to cover, it’s not on the front page. Or on the second page. Or on the third…

The story in the Washington Post, which is on A4 of today’s paper, dedicated one sentence and one quote to Private Jessica Lynch at the bottom of paragraph 5.

At least the New York Times called the lies surrounding Tillman’s death and Lynch’s capture “egregious examples of officials’ twisting the truth for public relations” in the first paragraph. But, like the other newspapers, didn’t cop to their own roll in perpetuating the lies. Especially Jessica Lynch’s story—which was made into a tv movie (the Times story wasn’t on the front page either).

The buried LA Times story doesn’t even mention Jessica Lynch’s name till paragraph 11. They devoted the last 3 short paragraphs (one is 1 sentence long) to her testimony. Hey, some LA producer was probably behind making the movie.

The story might be only in the online version of The Wall Street Journal. Again, the lead is about the army cover-up of Pat Tillman’s death. They mention Jessica Lynch when committee chairman Henry Waxman is quoted as accusing the government of inventing “sensational details and stories” to promote the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kevin Tillman said getting at the truth of brother Pat’s death was “being actively thwarted by powers that are more interested in protecting a narrative than getting at the truth…”


4 Responses to People Who Call the Administration ‘Liars’ Don’t Get on the Front Page

  1. Gary Smith says:

    Great work T.

    I think this is just another case of poor reporting and lack of funds from the huge publishers and corporate media. Plus, the other stories ahead of this story were probably more important (sarcasm).

    I don’t know, maybe the mass medai is an oligarchy? At what point do we stop trying to figure out why the media does such a poor job and realize that their job is to “manufacture consent”, not report the truth.

  2. Ray Robison says:

    The Washington Post started the Lynch story even though the Army warned them it was a rumor. Read it for yourself, they said it in the initial report.

  3. Suasoria says:

    Ray, with all due respect, I don’t think the link provides an answer to the chicken/egg question posed. Call it circumstantial, but the way the cozy relationship between government and media plays out today is that administration or military PR plants a story, and journalistic sheep run it with little independent investigation.

    This method has resulted in numerous similar fabrications. Knowing this is standard operating procedure, it’s absurd to say that in this case, the newspaper was the source of this propaganda, as opposed to those who actually benefit from the propaganda – the administration and the military.

  4. […] death, and the fake rescue of Jessica Lynch were on page one. When the real stories come out, they were not on the front page. Or on the second page. Or on the […]

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