Earth Day Blackout

Today is Earth Day, and I was very surprised at how little the newspapers covered the environment in Sunday’s papers.

The Washington Post wrote about students cleaning trash along the banks of the Anocostia River.

The Wall Street Journal wrote a piece about the Goldman Environmental Prize recipients, and asked Mr. Goldman what he had against corporations and progress.

The New York Times wrote a story about an Upper East Side socialite who became an environmentalist after her son got asthma.

Nobody said a thing about how our President still thinks Global Warming is a myth. Read here about Cheryl Crow and Laurie David’s encounter with Karl Rove.


One Response to Earth Day Blackout

  1. linda c says:

    The LA Daily News actually had a special issue that was quite well done. Of course, that paper is in itself an oxymoron – while being editorially one of the most conservative papers in the state, it is also more pro-education and pro-union than certainly any other local paper.
    Of course, you know I’m a little biased, since it’s Ben’s employer!

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