Disparity Between Witnesses and the Army Not Reported

khalid-mohammedassociated-press.jpegKhalid Mohammed/Associated Press

Only the New York Times’ Alissa Rubin bothered to find civilian witnesses in reporting fighting in a Sunni Neighborhood in Baghdad Tuesday.

Statements by local residents and the American military differed wildly. Residents said the Iraqi Army instigated the battle when they raided a mosque and killed two people in front of the worshippers.U.S. troops said they didn’t know about any mosque raid, but said that they came to the aid of the Iraqi Army who were looking for insurgents in the area. An American military statement said seven people were killed. Residents said 36 were killed.

The Washington Post(usually my favorite), Reuters , and others seemed to be writing enthusiastically from a military press release. How lazy can you get?


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