New Study Says War on Terror Has ‘No Focus’

war-on-terror.jpeg(REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch)

By David Morgan

Five-and-a-half years after the September 11 attacks, President George W. Bush’s war on terrorism has emerged as a wasteful, misguided exercise that poses its own threat to U.S. national security, experts say.

A growing number of analysts and former U.S. officials say the global war on terrorism has undermined U.S. influence abroad, … and unleashed a huge government spending spree that has often funded projects unrelated to national security. …

Congress has spent nearly $271.5 billion on homeland security since September 11, with money often going to projects that have nothing to do with security but that are important to politicians and their constituents, according to a survey by the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

“What’s clear is that there is no focus whatsoever in the way we are fighting terrorism,” said Veronique de Rugy, author of the AEI study.

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