Need Help? Go Somewhere Else.

Cirtuit City - Management Knows Nothing, Now the Employees Will Know Nothing TooI’m really disturbed that Circuit City is laying off almost 3,500 workers that the company is willing to hire back for less money. It’s the staff with the most experience and knowledge that’s getting canned.

The big box store experienced almost 11% in sales growth last year—keeping pace with the U.S. economy. Management doesn’t think that’s good enough. It’s tough being #2 (or #3) behind Wal-Mart. But, they should learn from Wal-Mart’s horrible public image, not try to emulate it. People deserve a living wage, and don’t deserve to be treated like trash. Or–better analogy– recycled to save a few cents on the dollar. However, if I was just fired from Circuit City, I’d take my expertise, and future business, elsewhere. I hear Home Depot is hiring–and they’re offering more money to attract knowlegeable personnel.

In the past, our household has purchased a desk top computer, answering machine, blank cds– the store is right down the street. But, I will NEVER set foot in there again.


One Response to Need Help? Go Somewhere Else.

  1. naella says:

    I don’t know how Americans are supposed to prosper, when companies are doing this and sending jobs overseas.

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